Second Semester OU Cousin

Echo, my OU cousin from first semester had to go back to China for second semester. So, I went to another matching party to meet the new group of exchange students. I wasn’t really expecting to find a match at this party simply because less amounts of students come to OU for the second semester. However, one of my friends from my dorm room hall ran up to me with a big smile on her face and said “You have to be cousins with my friend from the Netherlands!” So I said “Why not?” and followed her to where her friend was sitting. We signed up to be matches with five minutes of meeting each other.
My OU cousin’s name is Marloes and she is from the Netherlands. We were both very busy people so we didn’t have a lot of time to get together during the semester. But we managed to grab lunch a couple of times and talk to each other about the differences between her home and my home. Both of our homes share a common factor: SNOW! We were able to relate to each other on winter activities. Marloes told me all about her dreams to succeed in the business world and I told her about my dreams to publish a novel. She reminded me of my best friend from Slovakia.
Overall, I had a very successful experience with the OU cousins program. Both semesters I definitely lucked out with easy going, fun cousins. They helped make my first year experience at OU the best it could possibly be.

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