Israel Fest

As a last Global Fellow bonding experience, my roommate and I went to Israel Fest at the end of the year! There was fantastic food, cool music, free flags, henna tattoos, and a photo booth! I had some pita bread and hummus and lemonade (I don’t think lemonade is particular to Israel).
The event was very chill, tables were just spread around the room and people could come and go whenever they wanted. I signed up to get a henna tattoo. The woman who was giving the tattoos wasn’t professionally trained but had just decided to learn because it played an important part in her culture. She told me I could get whatever tattoo I wanted so I settled for a Vegvisir, an ancient Nordic rune that symbolizes a compass. Essentially, the idea behind the Vegvisir is that whoever bears that symbol will never lose their way even if the way is not known. I was trying to connect with my own roots! It was a very challenging tattoo to draw but she did an excellent job and I proudly sported it for the next two weeks.
Even though the event wasn’t particularly structure to educate people about Israeli culture, it really made my heart happy to see Israel represented in a good light especially because of the Israel – Palestinian conflict that is happening right now. It’s important to remember that wars do not define countries; that a culture still needs room to breathe when the world is crowding it with attention. Israel Fest was the perfect way to end my first year as a Global Fellow.

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