Chinese Week!

ChineseWeekMy OU cousin from first semester was from China. She kept me clued into what the Chinese culture of OU was doing throughout the semester. In the fall, OU had China Week, where there were Chinese events every day on the South Oval. I went to a dance and music concert that was held over my lunch break on the South Oval. There was a man playing a stringed instrument, another man playing a drum, and a woman playing a type of flute. There were girls dressed in traditional Chinese costume doing traditional Chinese dance to the music.
Around the concert were pictures hung up that OU students had taken during study abroad trips to China. People could walk around and vote on their favorite photos, the winners would later be published in a magazine. I voted for a picture of the Shanghai skyline and a picture of a waterfall.
The music was very relaxing, and easy to listen. I closed my eyes and imaged that I was in 8th century China, listening to musicians play for the Emperor in a beautiful garden. Maybe that was a little romanticized, but hey, it’s not very often I get to hear traditional Chinese music.
I’m super glad that my OU cousin tried to keep me involved with the Chinese culture at OU. It opened doors to meet a lot of people I wouldn’t normally come in contact with, and learn about things that I normally wouldn’t learn about. I definitely have a special place in my heart for China that I didn’t have before.

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