Authentic Asian Food

And his parents were born and lived in Korea until they moved to the United States in college. Because his parents are first generation Koreans, his family is deeply imbedded into Korean culture. Something that comes along with any different culture is different FOOD!
I have never had authentic Asian food until I went to his house for dinner the first time. Americanized Asian food, though spectacular for the tastebuds but awful for the stomach, is nothing compared to real, authentic, homemade Asian food. I can’t spell or pronounce what we ate but man, it was good. There was a bowl of boiling broth in the center of the table and plates of food such as beef, shrimp, vegetables, Korean pancakes, and KimChi. We took the foods and put them in the bowl of broth where it cooked. Then we took it out and ate it. It was PHENOMENAL! Now, I want to go to every Asian country and eat every food possible. No matter how good Americanized food is, I guarantee that the original, authentic version of the food will blow your mind.
Ultimately, no matter how good the food was, the part of the meal that made me the happiest, was the hospitality that my boyfriend’s parents showed me. Even though I stuck out like a sore thumb with my blonde hair and blue eyes, they invited me into their culture and into their home. Food has a spectacular way of bringing people from all different backgrounds, to the same table.

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