As Time Draws Near…

As my trip to Tanzania is quickly approaching, I have begun to have more and more doubts and fears about my ability to thrive in a foreign country. Last summer I travelled to Slovakia and I didn’t have any doubts or fears. However, in Slovakia, I was staying with my best friends family in a very Western culture. Tanzania is a totally unfamiliar culture to me; new food, new language, zero connections. I think that a lot of people might say that my fears and doubts are in fact justified. However, if anyone knows me well, they can say that these fears are uncharacteristic for me. I have always been the fierce warrior, venturing out in the world with my head held high and now that I have the chance to really see something new, I am afraid and I don’t know why.
In light of these fears I have found that it is crucial to take a second and think about WHY I want to go in the first place. Instead of get anxious about my inability to communicate due to the language barrier, I need to focus on the opportunity I have in front of me to learn a new language. Instead of worrying about my Scandinavian inability to tolerate spicy foods, I should be looking forward to the funny stories I will get to share with my journey mates. My point is, even though there are one thousand reasons to be afraid to travel to Tanzania, there are one thousand and one reasons to be excited to go, and that is why I am going.
After all, what is life without a bit of uncertainty or challenge? When I look back at my time spent abroad I hope my heart will be full of unforeseen memories, and by those I will know that I have lived.

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