African Dance Event

Due to my upcoming trip to Tanzania, I have tried to pay particular attention to African events that happen at OU. I saw a flyer for an event for an African Dance party hosted by African Club. I convinced my friends, Ezra and Greg, to go with me. We showed up to the event and when we walked in we realized we were the only white people in attendance. Because I grew up in a mainly African American school in North Carolina, this felt completely normal for me, but I could tell that my friends were not used to this kind of environment.
The event kicked off and two women went up to the front of the room and gave a short speech about each different dance they were going to teach. Then, they showed a YouTube video with each dance in eat. Then, they told us all to stand up and try to dance with them! Lacking coordination, I was remarkably awful at these dances, but what I lacked in skill I made up in enthusiasm. There were about 8 dances that we learned.
After dancing, they busted out the food! We have spicy eggplant, chicken, and rice. It was very, very spicy, something my Scandinavian taste buds had a challenging time with. But, I wanted to get the full African club experience so I forced myself to eat it all. It was actually pretty good!
Throughout the rest of the school year I became friends with one of the dance leaders of African club. I saw her around quit a lot and she gave me some tips for my trip to Tanzania. I’m definitely glad we went to that event!

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