Latin Dance Event

I went to a Latin Dance Club event with a bunch of my friends. The girls got dolled up, the boys donned their dress pants, and we went to the event that was hosted in the Union Ballroom. The event consisted of an hour-long dance lesson in the Salsa and the Bachatta, two Latin dances. The instructors were professional dancers who tour around the United States and teach at events such as this. The Bachatta was very challenging because it required a lot of hip movement that I was not particularly successful at. But I loved the Salsa. It’s upbeat and fun and is a good time for everyone.
After the dance lesson, there was an open dance. My friends and I all switched partners and laughed and danced the whole night. The music they played was mostly in Spanish. They played upbeat Latino music that was practically impossible to not dance to.
This event really ignited my fire for studying abroad in a Latin American country. Hopefully I end up someplace that has a great dancing scene that I can show off my moves at. Since the event, I have spent more time listening to Latin music and exploring a side of music that I had previously been unfamiliar with. I even gave my oral presentation for Spanish class on one of the most popular Cuban songs of all time.
Hopefully wherever I end up studying will provide more opportunities for me to explore Latin Dancing.
LatinDance Club

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