Cover Letter

Remember, you can always contact UMW’s Office for Academic and Career Services to seek help with writing your cover letter and resume.

This is an example of a cover letter you might wish to have on your professional portfolio site. In the first paragraph it is typical to describe the type of position you are seeking and tell a little bit of information about yourself (where you went to school, what your major was, etc). You could also link to your About page and be more descriptive about yourself on that page.

In the second paragraph it is customary to outline a few of the qualifications that make you theĀ perfect fit for the type of position that you are seeking. Since this is a web-based portfolio it is a great idea to link to specific examples of work you’ve done. If you participated in organizations, clubs, or projects that are relevant to your experience and further exemplify why you are qualified for a position, this is the point of a cover letter where you would highlight those experiences.

In your closing paragraph you outline some details of the field for which you are interested in seeking employment while linking to examples of work that highlights your expertise in the field. If there are sections of the site you want to promote to a potential employer this is a good time to mention those. Make sure you close by linking again to your About page (where you should add contact information) and remind the reader that you’d be happy to speak over the phone or in person about opportunities they might have that would be a great fit.