If I Could Have Children…

This is a poem that I wrote inspired by the love and compassion the children at the JD McCarty Center for children with developmental disabilities have continuously taught me. I volunteer there on a weekly basis and have come to develop strong relationships with some of the children in my classroom. The names have been […]

The Sidewalk By The Church

It rains. I take great pains to take away The worms from the pavement, the cold seeps through My scalp. The skies eyes have broken today In sorrow. The worms know not what they do. My fingers peel their bodies from the ground Antagonized by weight of feet and wheel, Returned to grass where life […]

A Job Well Done

   It’s springtime and the children scream like they’ve never seen the sun before. You are their teacher, the chosen one who has the chance to reverse everything their uneducated parents might have gotten wrong. It’s recess time and you sit outside watching the kindergarteners see things you haven’t seen for years, their mouths telling stories […]