I’ll Never Be

I kind of wrote this song for a boy I was interested in, but then he turned out to be pretty bad at being a decent human being. At least I got an alright song out of the emotional destruction he attempted to wreak on my life.

The Sea Will Rise

I wrote this song after doing some study on the story of Noah and the Flood. It is supposed to depict the voices and collective consciousness of the members of Noah’s family who survived by living on the ark. To me, it is a cry that holds true for them thousands of years ago, but […]


Calamity Hannah is a musician/singer-songwriter located in Sioux Falls, SD and Norman, OK depending on the time of year. She burst forth from her mother’s wombs singing (screaming) as loud as she possibly could, and 20 years later her voice still hasn’t stopped. Calamity Hannah typically plays the ukulele and sings at local gigs, but she […]